Willy's Ale Room - Home of the Best Chicken Wings in New England

Cheap-Ass Wing Night Tuesday and Thursday at Willy's Ale Room - Acton Maine's premier restaurant and bar Take Willy's Hot Wing Challenge

So you think you can handle spicy? Well you haven't had the hot wings at Willy's restaurant! Bring your friends to Acton's premier bar and test your tolerance for heat at Willy’s Ale Room!

At Willy's restaurant and bar, we have Willy's Ale Room has 29 different wing flavors, ranging from mild, lightweight flavors to ridiculously spicy wingers. We want to see you Take the Willy's Hot Wing Challenge and take on our concentrated Willy's epic hot sauce - suicidal ghost wings. If you really think you've got what it takes, tangle with our infamous Take on the HOTTEST wings in Southern Maine, Finger of God wings.

Don’t be scared of a little face time on camera… These wings are certainly worth the challenge!

We want to see you go for it. First, Sign the waiver to eat our Finger of God Wings. That's right, these wings are so hot we require signed consent to bring them out! Now get out your cell phone and record the mayhem:

  • Hear the tough talk before people brave Willy's hot wing challenge – Bring your friends to discuss which flavor you’re trying, why you think you can handle it, and whether you’ll make it to the illustrious Willy’s Hall of Fame or be banished to Willy’s Wall of Shame;
  • Willy's Spicy Wing Challenge – Film your Hot Wing Challenge while the crowd cheers you on;
  • See the carnage following Willy's hot wing challenge – Tell us if you’d do it again, and if you’ll be man or woman enough to go for a spicier sauce next time.

Make things interesting by setting up your own challenges (no drinks allowed, 8-10 wings with extra ghost sauce, or a 10-wings-in-10-minute challenge).

Send your videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and be automatically entered to win discounts and coupons.

Willy's Ale Room - Acton, Maine - Wing Nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays